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Prelude modified intake on '93 V6 ATX

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I really like the idea of the Prelude modified CAI for mx6 but i checked and it seems like there isn't much space for the down pipe inbetween the radiator and the transmission.
Can u actually fit there a 3" downpipe or that works only on MTX?


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Janos, as far as I understand , that only worts on the V6 MTX...BUT HS has just made a true CAI for the V6 ATX. It's available at
Hi Zoom Zoom 6


Isn't the one by HS only a short ram intake??
Does it have a down pipe and everything?

The HS one is indeed the full intake. heres the link: If you read the little intro thing above, it explains that unlike the K&N FIPK and other stuff (Weapon R Short Air), the HS intakes extend outside of the hot engine bay and actually bring cold air into the engine. OH also if you look at the picture, you can see that the filter on the intake is much smaller in relation to the intake pipe than those of other WAI systems. Therefore, the pipe itself is longer...its sorta confusing. BUT HotShot has always been known as a company of high quality. ONE MORE THING. The angle of the picture makes it look a little deceiving, like its just another WAI. But if you pay attention to the size of the opening of the pipe, you'll notice that its a lot bigger on the end that we can see open than the end that we can't see. That leads me to believe that the pipe is long and thats why it has more than the one bend. It has the elbow that attatches to the VAC and throttle body, then another 90 degree angle bend that would put the intake and filter itself out of the engine. PEEEEEACE :cool:
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