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Will the Probe GT 16" rim/tire set up fit my 96 MX-6 without any problems such as rubbing when I turn the whell or contacting when I hit a bump? No theories here please. I'm only looking for those who have experienced this set up. If it does fit, then what is the comprable tire size for our LS rims on the 6? I was told that the 225/55/15 is as big as I can go. I would like to go with a tad taller tire such as a 60 series? Anyone here with experience in this area?
Thanks, Wally

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I have them, and my right tire rubbed when I turned right... I took out splashguard and its fine.. and i lowered my ride with intrax too.. i think my tire is 225/55/16 i dont remember though.. i can go check tomorrow if u want me to


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if u want to run the 16" probe gt wheels on your mx6, the correct tire sze would to preserve the factory overall diameter is 225/45-16.

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Thanks but I specified that i want to use my stock mx6 rims but try to get the same diameter as the probe gt rim/wheel set up if they fit. What is the equivelant size for the mx6?

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No, to preserve o.d. the correct size on a MX6/626 would
be 205/50/16 - with OEM at 205/55/15 (different gearing).

I DOUBT 225/50/16 will fit easily - remember the rear of
the cars curves in quickly, and the 5dr-626 especially.
The MX6 is slightly wider back there, but not by much.
225/50/16 is 631.4mm o.d (+4%!) *AND* very wide - many
225 tires/tyres are in fact ==235, extremely wide.

205x55/15 - 606.5mm

205x45/17 - 616.3mm (17x7.5", ET35)
215x45/17 - 625.3mm NOT ok with load on 5dr-626, ok MX6

You can fit:
205x45/16 - 590.9mm
205x50/16 - 611.4mm ideal
205x55/16 - 631.9mm MAY fit (0.5cm narrower than 215 above)

If anyone has tested the 3rd, let me know.

205x55/16 has one of the largest availability in the UK, it
is huge 4% increase in o.d. - more than the recommended 3%.

205x50/16 has plenty available too. SP9000 ride comfy, and
A520s steel sidewall inserts ride like steel sidewalls. The
best size is probably 205x50/16, 205x45/16 will give you a
small performance benefit but at cost of mpg & 2.7%.

Aside: with the 16x7" rim you may find you get better wear
all round - particularly left-fronts on 93V6 cars. The PGT
doesn't tend to notice this as it doesn't overload the left
front re 225 width & especially US roads not having a lot
of drive-on-left + roundabouts on them (ie, none ;-)

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Thanks for the reply. That's all very interseting but I have no desire to put on 16"s on my MX-6. I am using the stock rims but would like to use larger tires. Larger as in in total diameter. A taller tire. Does anyone out there know the info I'm looking for. So far no one has been able to respond with the info I'm looking for. Can anyone help?

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Re 15" tires & largest tire...

o 3% is the usual recommended limit re speedo and re
suspension, and re rim width - 205 on a 6.5" rim.

o Your real limitation is rear wheel interference due to
the sidewall height component. Remember the rear suspension
being very long wishbones does not "tuck-in" like the front
suspension - if anything it goes out before faintly in.

205x55/15 = 606.5mm on a 6.5" rim (6.0" on 626 oooeee ;)

Known to fit ok:
205x45/17 = 616.3mm (17x7.5", ET35mm offset)
Fits MX6 but not 626:
215x45/17 = 625.3mm (17x7.5", ET35mm offset)

Now a 7.5" rim is useful as it's "very square" in that it
will tend to maximise vertical sidewalls & thus max o.d.

So based on that, ~620mm no problem, ~626mm probably ok.
o 205x60/15 = 627mm. I'd say that is your limit, +3.5% o.d.
which will make your speed at 62.08mph read 60mph.

I wouldn't advise going past a 60 profile as the sidewall
will simply not be able to cope with the FWD understeer.

If this is re ride:
o Keep to OEM pressures (set on a cold morning pre driving)
o The choice of tire is /critical/ re ride quality:
---- Yokohama A520 have steel sidewall inserts = /rough/
---- Dunlop SP9000 are squirmy but extremely comfortable,
I would say a 205x55 in A520 rides far worse than a SP9000
in 205x45 and that is from experience. The SP9000 is noted
as a "pillow" but without float or vagueness, it costs less
than Michelin/Pirelli/SO2PP but is a great wet tire too.
---- Uniroyal RTT2s ride comfortably, but not in USA?

No idea if Dunlop SP9000 exist in 205x60/15, however I do
know that few tires come close to the supple "pillow" ride
on potholes & rough surfaces from even 205x45/17 with a
wide 7.5" rim making the sidewalls vertical (rougher). Sort
of a flummpp into potholes vs JAR/BANG/WALLOP from others.

Again, I don't know the reason for the original post re
wanting just large o.d. or better comfort, or both.

Finally, Tokico Black struts (OEM MX6/626) when they get
old tend to go rigid or mushy - rigid more often and that
results in a rougher ride. May be worth checking, Tokico
Blue would be a good match re non-adj & Gas (IIRC).

Re appearances 205x60/15 looks WAY bigger than 205x55/15.
Believe me that extra sidewall will fill & look gumballish.

A reminder to those running very low profiles:
o Very low profiles (40 & 35) have a problem with weight
o On the sidewall is the weight limit AND a pressure
o For say 205x40/17 this is VERY low (say 987lbs) AND at
a higher than actually recommended pressure - 50psi often

It is thus worth /avoiding/ those low profiles not just re
rim protection but load capacity - we are 2100lbs up front
near enough with 2 people in the car. Load the car to a
typical garden/building centre/center trip and 2500lbs is
not impossible which is way above those tire max ratings.
Usually if you ring the manufacturer they will tell you
what the load rating is (if not printed on it), and the
pressure to use for your vehicle.
Ex - Bridgestone SO2PPs are not ideal for ultra high G AWD
cars as the sidewalls can collapse and got used as tread
Ex - I think one Yokohama requires 50psi in 40 profile on
our weight of car up front - and a Millenia-S would present
a real problem as they are ~300lbs heavier up front again.

I'm unsure whether a high enough pressure for load rating
is detrimental to footprint/handling/ride - it may be. So
again, 35/40 profile may present some problems. When OEM
fit them, they are usually wide - 235 / 275 width (Porsche).

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Regarding the original post:
>Will the Probe GT 16" rim/tire set up fit my 96 MX-6
>without any problems such as rubbing when I turn the whell
>or contacting when I hit a bump? No theories here please.
>I was told that the 225/55/15 is as big as I can go. I
>would like to go with a tad taller tire such as a 60
>series? Anyone here with experience in this area?

From the data I've given, 205/60/15 is your limit.

225/55/15 has problems of o.d. & also w-i-d-t-h,
and 225/60/15 would most definately cause problems.

If you want to be really sure for *your* car bearing in
mind we are talking mm's of clearance here incidentally.

o Remove the spring from the strut safely
o Remove the foam-roll stop & replace with a piece of PVC
pipe of the same length as the solid section
o Move the wheel/strut combo through the range, with your
desired tire/wheel combo & 40psi. Check for interference
o Ensure clearance is 3mm minimum re wheel/tire flex

- wheels flex ~3mm under load.
- tire pressure needs to be 40psi re == Summer + hot tire.
- desired tire - as interference width & shoulder "square"
varies considerably between makes, one makes 225 is wider
than another 235 for example (and better value for money).
- cars vary slightly as manufacturing tolerances are on
the suspensions points and not "fitting the biggest tire".

The problem will be in the rear re outer wheel arch lip.

Some tire shops will do the above, others will simply say
+3% is your limit and suggest 205/60/15 vs 205/55/15.

o 225/55/15 = 2cm wider & 2.2cm taller (o.d. 628.5mm)
o 225/60/15 = 2cm wider & 4.5cm taller *7%* (o.d. 651.0mm)

No way will 225/60/15 fit, 205/60/15 is your limit with
205/55/15 being OEM for the MX6 wheel (15" wheel, UK got
a few 16" wheel versions which were extremely nice with
full leather and AT-C4-X gearbox as I recall). 205 gives
you more height clearance than 225 - again remember the
rear suspension moves up vertically, it doesn't tuck in.

205 tires warm up better & move evenly than 225.
225 on a 6.5" rim is frankly pointless re sidewall rollover.
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