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Good morning , I need help , the automatic transmission in my mazda 626 1992 LX mod , since I buy has pulled two fixes gambling rings, this because the original solenoid malfunctions the nr 1 and 2, but the problem is the original solenoids are not achieved in two stores parts online I sold some solenoids that were supposed to G4A - EL but are not, because the original bring a black wire that goes and does land, while these new not bring the ground wire , the fact is that I recently I give the mechanic , and only out 100 miles and redisplay misses the box, hits the changes from first to second , and yesterday , he would not raise nor backward, I'm desperate as I have already spent $ 200 on solenoid , and as $ 380 in two sets of master kits , without the labor of the mechanic , and the automatic transmission does not work , who can help me with the following:

1. It will be possible to find the original solenoid .

2 If the originals are not achieved , will the solenoid damaged can be repaired ? .

3 If you can not repair the automatic transmission , you can switch to manual transmission , this change is very difficult , that manual transmission parts must be for that change , the change affects the computer mazda
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