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Problem with amp/subs

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My fuse near the battery for the amp popped one day, so I changed it, no biggie. But then I noticed that my subs aren't as loud as they used to be. So I pop the trunk and I see that only one side is working. I thought I blew a sub, so I switched the connection, and it worked fine. Then I switched the rcas around and nothing, same problem.

So I thought, damn it must be the amp. So I get a new one(kinda), and I pop it in and it still doesn't work. Switch the rcas around, play with settings and nothing!

So I do this: I plug in a different source, just to see if the amp works(I used a DVD player for a brief moment...remember they have no volume control...). Both subs start firing.

With all that troubleshooting, I know that my amps are ok, so I am going to hook them back up(check the wiring and all that). I just want to know what the problem may be. Could it be that I blew a preout? I just need an idea of the problem so I know what I have to buy when I go to LA. Thanks for reading!

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well it cant be your preamps because it worked w/ dvd player, you need to check all your connections at ur amp, it could be a ground problem, have you tried different subs, u need 2 check the restiance at the subs , depending on the subs it could be from 2-8 ohms, check w/ multimeter. tell me what you find
thats really strange. where did u connect the remote wire to?
THASOUNDMAN - When I connnected the DVD player, I hooked it up directly to the imputs on the amp. I was thinking it was the headunit because when I hook up the headunit again, it still wouldn't work(that one side). I'm rewiring everything, so I'll check out the ground. I'll check out the resistance today on the subs and tell ya what I found. Thanks!

brianj - I connected the the remote wire to the p. cont. wire. I have a Kenwood MPV-7019. amd I used the non-fading preout. I still have the front and rear outs but I didn't hook it up because I didn't have a 4ch amp at the time, I guess I have one now since both amps work!

I'm going to buy an amp kit and some rcas and try to rewire/organize everything and let you guys know, it is a weird problem, I'll keep you guys updated, thanks again!
Certainly sounds like a blown output on the deck. What caused the fuse to blow? If your mids/highs are running off deck power, I'm willing to bet one of your speakers is bad, and that it took out a channel in your deck, and that that output channel is feeding the RCA out in question. If you have an amp to the highs - well, that's different.

Really, you went through the trouble shooting steps in the right order, and swapping the source fixed the problem. Double check if you want, but from what I read, I'd say the deck has a bad output for one reason or another....
Thanks everyone for responding.

mxmissile - I rewired everything. I was running all the speakers from the deck, but now I have it running off an amp, and what a difference! I need some sort of dampening in the doors and rear deck now! The good news is that the output is ok. The sad part is that it was my orginal amp's right output that blew. I tried it with a different source, and now it doesn't work. So now I am going to look for another one. Right now, I got my extra box and now have one sub running, doesn't sound the same, but I'm really impressed with the way my 6x8s sounded when amped up.

This is how I ran the wires: I have a fused 4 gauge wire running to a fused distribution block with a cap out to two 8 gauge outputs. I ran those wires to the amps. I ran that 4 gauge wire on the drivers side, as well as the remote leads. On the passenger side I have two pairs of rcas(front and rear) running to the amps and have the front speaker wires running from the amps to the speakers.

Now I have some engine interference. I am going to find a different ground for each of the amps(I have them at the same ground point). Is there anything else I should do to get rid of the interference?
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What you need is called a source ground, all you do is run a tiny wire (16-22ga) from your headunit to your amp. Just tap the wire into both grounds creating only one ground spot. This will get rid of 99% of all engine noises. good luck :)
THASOUNDMAN - Thanks I will give it a try today! Do I run the ground from the hu's ground to the amps ground spot?
Yup! ;)
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