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for your information i'm totally new to the mx6, saw it in a caryard yesterday and took it home today, i must say it is really a good car to drive, steering is so precise and clutch is so smooth... and i just can't get enough of the cruise control!

1) my sunroof slides open properly without any fuss, but i cannot tilt it, when i press the button it only opens about half a cm, i have to press the button and push it to get about 1.5 - 2cm... that's not normal right? any cure?

2) 3rd gear is great and so is 4th and 5th, but the 2nd is a bitch to get into, i really have to force it quite hard to get in all the time, is that normal or should i ignore it? it's annoying sometimes when i want to shift fast from 1 - 2 or from 3/4 down to 2nd, the gear works fine but it's just hard to engage

3) anyone got any power/torque chart i can look at? or u can just tell me what rpm to launch and when to shift up

thanks heaps

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Congrats on the new car, I'm sure you'll love it. For your questions...

1) The sunroof has three different levels you can tilt it to, you may just need to hit the button a couple of more times to take it a little higher. If that doesn't work then try to grease it or just face the fact that it's an old car and that's the kind of shit that happens. Mine even has problems fully opening sometimes.

2) Sounds like something's wrong with 2nd, and I'm not the man to tell you what. It should shift just as easy as the others.

3) I don't have any charts, but the car produces about 145 HP and 190 Torque in the GT. If you have an LX or DX (non-turbo) I think it's about 110 HP.
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