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Problems With my mx6 idle

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hey, hows it going everyone? im new to this site and i am happy to be here.

but here is my first post.

i just bought a 93 mx6, it needs a little TLC but it runs pretty nice. i have givin it the tune up, changed the fluids, changed the spark.
but im still having a problem with my idle. it has aftermarket cams in a rebuilt engine, but when i turn it on i have to keep giving it gas or it will kill. after i drive it for a few or so miles it idles, but rough. not to mention it has a nice little delay when i step down on the gas from a stop, so much to the point where i have killed it a few times.

any help?

thanks for all who post.

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Sounds very much like a vacuum leak, especially if your CEL is not coming on.

with the engine running, check in the engine bay for hissing noises / air being drawn in. Common problems are the intake elbow with cracks and splits. If the aftermarket cams are too aggressive, these will also cause a bad idle, but should not cut out.

hey thanks, ill give it a shot and see what happens. know anything else it could be? and what would i do if the cams are to aggresive, how would i make it so my engine can keep up?
If the cams are too agressive, you can up the idle speed alittle, but it will still be lumpy. I still think you should check for a vacuum leak though.. and can you confirm the check engine light is not coming on.

well i dug a little deeper today, and it turns out the guy i got it from took out the bulb for the engine yea it is on. i have not got around to hooking it up to diagnostics yet, but sometime this weekend i will and see what the computer has to say about it. ill check for leaks tomorrow, but now that you mention it, i do hear a funny hissing sound in the engine when i rev it a little. ill have a look around and see.

thanks again, Oddy

Damn you have prob already done it but here goes ..

check this link to show you how to check the codes.. no fancy machine needed for your 93 OBDI system... how to check codes ....

Sorry for slow response... been away for the weekend fishing .. and no it was'nt very good :rolleyes:

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