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Well im home on leave from the big sand land, so far ive allready installed clear sidemarkers, eibach pro-kit springs, had 30% tint put on her today, and made an aointment for a tune-up and general update to the fuel/ehaust management hardware in preporation for the turbo kit, intercooler, and other special little things going in (jdm cam, pulley, stage 3 clutch, fidenza flywheel, etc...). I will take some pictures of her soon, the eibach pro kit springs lowered her just right, and the tint looks deadly sweet. I wish corksport would hurry up and come out with their MS style front lip spoiler!!!
later fellas...

Ive checked Eibach's site do they make any sway bars or strut bars for our ride... id like to keep my suspension all eibach if at all possible...

by the way i have a Jet Black 1994 MX-6 2.0 i4 (extremeley clean):E
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