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So i bought these projectors the other day locally. I had plans of retrofitting my headlights to projectors since they look friggin sweet but i have given up. If i had a probe i think it would be easier. But its sorta a pain on the mx6

They are off a Lexus ES300. There are 4 all together but 1 has a big chip. it shouldnt disrupt the light that much. 1 has a tiny tiny tiny crack but the last 2 are in great shape. Just check out the pictures. All 4 are chipped around the edges but it doesnt show once mounted in the housings. The Housings are pretty ugly looking but nothing a little spray couldnt cover. They have very nice cut off lines built in to them. But if you dont want them you can remove the middle part of the housing. They are 3-4". I think they would look awsome on somebodys probe. They might be a little wide but im sure someone here could make it work.

Id like 150+ shipping which is not bad if you look around. Even with the chips. There are 2 good ones and exelent housing. I am located in Oregon. so i could also meet locally or deliver about an hours drive away if needed

I can measure them up if someone needs a special dimension

onto the pics:
The last pic where they are hooked up. I have 1 8000k HID and 1 normal sylvania stock bulb in there.

thanks for looking
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