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allright i finally got my PS STS installed last weekend. it took a couple months to get here.

first of all the directions i got could not have been for my car. if they were they were overcomplicated and wanted to do more than was even necessary. it mentioned removing 4 8mm bolts - there are NO 8mm bolts that do with the shifter or linkage.

so my advice is to go to and look at the instructions listed there - thats what i used.

okay the big problem is this - it's threaded adjustable delrin plastic ball was 1/4 too large to be threaded on?:eek:
so i tightened the holding screw on too tight and ended up stripping it. of course i only noticed this when i installed it and the whole shifter would go up and down 4". so i had to take it back out and JB welded the damn pivot ball on there. let it set and put it in - so far so good *knocking on wood*. someone at probetalk also had this problem. so if you get one and the ball is threded too large i would call and ask someone at PS. it seems like the ball was from a different kit or they smurfed up on the manufacturing.

so those people who have a PS STS, did your pivot ball thread on and then you tightened it in place? mine just slid freely over the threads with a 1/4" gap. its weird becuase the ball was the correct size, just was threaded way too large.:confused:
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