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Those arent my words- it was a consumer reports review done by after they did extensive testing on the new developement kits.

They took so much heat (supposedly from MS, since they used an insider from the MS campus and feared outing him/her) that it is no longer available on their website. Luckily it caused such a riot that many other game sites are keeping it posted thru their threads and published in game magazines (egm among others).

For both systems, the consumer site found that both Sony and MS were giving false numbers on the actual speeds and power of the systems. They claim the new 360 cpu was only clocked at 2x the speed of the 1st gen box, when using actual game coding (not just number crunching).

The basic problems were Sony's new hyperthreading and Cell technology- while cool- it just isnt efficient enough and not what anyone from the industry will take advantage of (see chilla's comments on seattle meet thread). Multiple developers interviewed for this article insinuated its a ridiculous design.

The 360 they claim just plain ignored what the studios suggested for the new system. And ended up with similar benchmarks as the ps3.

Overall the article states that both designs are too complicated and flawed. And designed with cheap parts. They say if both companies had just used intel or athlon chipsets that they would be faster and efficient. Almost every studio which had a development kit said in so many words "you get what you pay for".

They arent saying these systems wont be fast and look good. They are just saying for the $$ and technology- they could have done so much better.
At the time of print, the Revolution wasnt available for testing- so they left that out completely. Since the new nintendo is to be less powerful than either Sony or MS, they probably wouldnt have anything better to say about the Rev.

Check out the link, google it yourself. I hope its not really this bad, but its an interesting story either way.
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