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Alrighty then, heres the deal...I have the KLZE installed in my car, which was done by G&S Racing of Ocala Florida earlier in 2003. When they put it in, my motor came from, without the tranny or ECU. I thought my car was going to be faster than it was before, but my track times are shameful, and im tired of getting beaten by Civics. I know that my motor doesnt perform how its supposed to, just by driving it every day. Anyway, the point is, I think my tranny is about to go, and I want to pull out my motor, check everything out, replace what needs to be replaced, and put it back in, myself, so I know its getting done properly, and I know it performs the way its supposed to. Among the problem of my tranny going, are other problems, such as Broken motor mounts, atleast 1 anyway, a slipping stock clutch that was put in when my motor was put in, and god knows what else. So......
1. Seeing as I have little, but some mechanical knowledge of motors, and a "Haynes Repair Manual" that seems to have detailed instructions that any idiot can follow, and this would be the first time ever attempting to do anything like this for me, would it be possible to take my motor out, successfully, and put it back in in proper working order by myself?
2. If i'm going to do this, what performance mods should I do while the motor is out? (ie clutch, flywheel, polyurethane motor mounts, ported and polished head, etc)
3. How much money would I need to put together to do all this to my engine, minus motor mounts, clutch, flywheel, etc...basically machine shop work such as porting and polishing and anything else I can't do myself?

If anyone has the time, or patience, I could use all the info you have to help me out with this. Thanks
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