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pumpin the clutch

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When i start the car the clutch will stay on the floor when i push it down so i pump it a bunch and eventually it will start working, but i have to pump it alot. i have full clutch fluid. Please help!
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Your clutch hydraulic system has air in it. This could be due to a faulty clutch slave or master cylinder. I would replace the slave cylinder first ($25) and have it power bled and go from there.
What is the best way to bleed a clutch system?
I have bled mine the same way you would bleed brakes. Put a tube on the bleeder valve and have someone pump the clutch a few times and then hold the clutch in. Open the valve for a very short time and then close it. Repeat many times. Remember to check the level of the fluid and keep it full while you do this. I have done this twice now and never had a problem with it. I do have a hand vacuum pump now that is supposed to make this a person job and eliminate the need to pump the pedal but I have yet to try it.
i have a similar problem, but ive replaced my slave cylinder, master cylinder, and bled it to hell, and it still staysto the floor, i have to pull the pedal up with my toe to shift, my fluid was burnt after a day when i fully bled it, i have no clue what the hell to do about it, ive been driving it and dealing with it for like 3 months like that now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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