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Well I had all the equipment
I had all the tools
All the wires
all the Amps
All the Speakers

SO watched the melbourne Cup first

Well before I finished it off.

History first

1st step 1 month after car
I started with 2X10inchs
400 Watt amp 8 gauge cable ETC
and factory deck, with portable CD palyer.

3 months latter I added 6.5inch splits

6 months
I added Kenwood Double DIN
2way Sansui 4inchs 2X25WRMS amp

12months latter 2001 about novemeber
I then went and removed the 10inches
I then added 2 X12 and reinstalled new box 2X10 inches

4 Amps (all borrowed from other set-ups)

mid 2002 I removed all
left the deck and 4inches

sptember I think
I added 7X10 inches on the back by 2X100 watt Jaycar amp
back to 2 10inches this time MTX Comp series things

4 weeks latter removed them again.
I then added one 12 inch Xplod sub and amp

November Replaced the Sansui's with Jaycar 4inchs
removed 2X25watt amp
Removed 12inch gave back to owner, keeped amp

December sold amp and planed who new set-up
but I added back my 10inhes from my way early first setup with 4 channel (free amp- I fixed it I kept it ) 4X200 watt amp

2003 I kept it sweet
Unit about april the 10's came out the amp went into the Wagon
in june it went overseas.
then it was
7X10's amped with 4inch Jaycars up fornt all in 2ohm bridged
all off my Kenwood deck

I was time to stop playing aroudn with many different set-ups and just stop. 1 thing off.

2Xchannel 300 Watt amp - power 4inch Jaycars up front
Same old 7X10's on 2 channel Jaycar amp getting about 80wrms eash being HQ's they can take it
Pioneer 15inch in Pioneer 15inch Box with nice little Pioneer things - disapointed in it a little
Powered by 2X150WRMS Jaycar amp bridged give aout 450WRMS.

Oh yeah ad a Kenwood KGC 4042 5 band EQ with sub control

Little extras include 1 Farrad CAP- digital with voltmeter ontop . Circut breaker 70amps or so. Gold plated splitter and fuses ETC and my massive 2 gauge cable
Oh yeah add to it top of the line high quality RCA's you know sheilded about 5mm thick each and gold plated

It took me 8 hours to run that 2 gauge mostly tryign to find a way with out cutting or drilling a hole for it. mind you I was suffer the Flu at the time.

Another 10 was spent, about 5 on the RACs removing seats carpet ETC. Dam hard with it being so thick, sort of regreat using the stuff mind you it was worth it, no sound problems.
Rest of time was taken mounting fuses spliters and amps

Going to add photos soon as.

I thought it was the end but I have this craving for another 15inch in the boot ???????:D
I can't help myself.

Then agian, the plan did add a Kenwood DVD stacker and TV which I don't want I just can get it at good price.

After all all up so far it's only cost me $700 for the deck all Amps were never more then $130, sub was only thing I got as close to retail price at $300 odd.
HMMMM stacker $390 or maybe $450 got to check
TV who cares.

I wonder if I can add a fridge? then maybe a toliet :D ;)

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Can I just see photos rather than reading all that? My head hurts looking at all the pretty colours.....

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um why dont u just buy resonably good quality in the first place?

JVC Mp3 head unit - good reviews, lots of features - $350

Jaycar kevlar 6.5"splits - good reviews compared to sony, kenwood,pioneer - $199

Jaycar 4x100wrms amp - good reviews - $350

DD 2015 15" amp - teh best for teh price, resonable numbers have been produced - $350

Then u would be set and have a way better system than present. BTW adding another pioneer sub isnt gonna help much.....sell the current one and have a look at the Digital Designs subs.

also why did u have to take out seats to wire your system??
run teh RCAs down the right side and the Power down the left. it fits!!! i have it in my car!

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Well first the head unit - was cheap and I wanted double- DIN size

The JVC is nice but I wanted at the time at least 2 pre out and non-fading option.
JVC head units look nice but I've installed a few and personally don't think they are worth it

Pioneer 5500 MP3 for about $430 if you shop is the best as it has a sub -pre-out.

I didn't but this stuff in one day, I bought it over time.
OR borrowed it over time. starting way back in 2000 when I got the car and MP3 decks were not even realised on the market.

ANy Jaycar stuff I can get real cheap so I don't car them sp[lits I can get under $50
That Amp I can get $140
all lagit too
All I will
turthfull price
I got 3 mps for $60 or the Sansui $100 for the Jaycar 2X100 and $130 for the other one still under $350 for a 4 channel. @-
HQ 7X10's picked them up throuh a mate at stratfeild car radios $80. 4inches were only $40 the pair or was it $20

I don't have to worry about h sub either too much they have always been presents, yeha I pay but not in the same way come out of my pocket.

I take out my seats as under the carpet you have lot of plastic covers of the factory looms and under this you can run your Power and RCA's. I've installed alot of systems. It's always got to be done right not squeezing wires under here and there. Not chance off short cicurt. Everything grometted. Everything top quality. Cost - no option.

Also 2 gauge wire is not going to squeeze under anything. It has to be placed tied down.

Power is left and RCA's center then right hand side. I can run this type of RCA's right next to the Power cables with no problem they are usch high quality sheiled products it's why retail they cost about $25 for about 3meters.

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um are u kidding????

High quality RCA's retailing at $25 for 3m???? WTF i bet u they are exactly the same as teh blue jaycar sheilded twisted pair.
Stinger make some very very good ones for around $120 for teh 5meters.

2 guage DOES fit along the side - i have it in my car, installed by me.

and the JVC Headunit the 985 does have front, rear and sub RCAs and i picked it up for $350 about 1.5yrs ago, but i understand if u wanted a double din to fit in the big space we have!!!

BTW how can u get the Jaycar/Response gear sooooo dad has a trade card and knows teh guy that works in the GC store but cant find a way to get it cheaper??

I got my system by presents too....eventually!!!!

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No they are not the smae Jay-car ones, actually 2 of thme are there top of the range ones
WQ-7228 they cost me in the $5 regon - very good quality and worth it. There other one's are average- most installers use them.
I think I got the one I'm using for my Sub is 3.6 meters gold plated ones are like I don't know about $25 retail or $28 but like cost me $15. I think- mate got them for me.

As for the Jaycar stuff it's all "Connections Bro" you have got to be connected to get my prices. Even by trade that amps $209 and $335 retail. Hmm I know that of by heart.

I could of upgraded my deck but it was free in most ways I got the deal brand new dropped $200 of retail price,m why not. And it accepts any current Kenwood gear.

If I worked or had a Job I could have a few bonus extra's in my car.

I think the prices vary lot's I mean, I buy most stuff by the importer if it's retail so I save heaps.
The Jaycar blue RCA's are okay but when you have a car with lots of electic gadgets EG Lexus soarer - you need good RCA's

Still the steal was the 7X10's either $310 for the customer ahead of me and only $80 for me. Just got to know the people.

I jsut hope I can get the stacker I want for under $400 I think I can just got to put the word and pressure out.
but the Tv screan that's done in waiting or transit for about $50, just hope this time they dorp it off the right way with out breaking it. last one lost it's vertical hold.
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