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This question is about the quarter mile or racing in general.
I myself have a 5 speed/v4/16valve baby.

My question is the proper ways to shift, and/or speed up when racing.

I've gone against a '90 Z24 and got smoked.
Some people have said put it into second right away, while others have said to keep it in first with high rev's. I've tried these to a certain extent with no luck.

Any tips?

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I myself have a 5 speed/v4/16valve baby.
V4? you mean I4!
Anyways, shifting is not the hard part, just go up close to the red-line, that way you always stay in the power band of your engine on each gear.
The tricky thing is your launch... You have to rev up your engine just enough to get good power, but not too much to spin your wheels like crazy (you loose precious seconds by stalling on the start line) and then drop the clutch and floor it.
It's all practice... find the right lauch rev, and practice your shifting to switch gears faster.
I've never tried to launch in second tough... I can't help you with that, I dont know about that but I guess your clutch will slip a bit when you do that and for myself, I dont want to have to replace so often because of a better launch!
By the way, I think you should be able to smoke a stock z24 with a stock I4 mx6... at least it sould be a close race. It's all practice and knowing how your car react! Happy racing!;)
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