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rice_eater: As listed on my web site under Body kit install...

Here is the inside information on the installation of the Erebuni 44 kit. First of all, non of the kits Erebuni makes, even the same models, are exactly the same for some reason. This will make MOST of the things that I'm about to mention applicable to your situation.

First off, the side skirts are not a problem. Simply remove the front and rear mudflaps (if you have them) and then have them slide the sides on. The problem here might be that they might be too short. In that case, the shop man will have to cut the ends off, attatch them to the car via screws or rivets and then add fiberglass to bond those end pieces to the rest of the side skirt itself.

Second, the front bumper is a bit of a pain. First, the shopman will probably want to make things a lot easier by removing the front bumper restraint in order to make the new front bumper fit in faster. This is not good because if that restraint is removed, and you happen to get into a small 5mph accident or someone decides to sit or stand or even LEAN on the front bumper, the bumper will litterally fall off or crack. For this reason, you must have the shopman, carefully CUT the front and rear bumper restraint in order to have the front and rear bumper replacements fit properly. Without cutting and trimming the restraints, the new bumper replacement kits will not fit at all.

Then, as far as the front bumper fitting correctly. Well for the most part, it does, however, the part of it that contours into the corner lense and goes back into the quarter panels will not fit right. They will actually be sticking out about 1/2" to 1" out from the body of the car. Again the shopman's experience with fiberglass will come in handy in order to fix this problem. Look below:

Finally, the rear bumper doesn't seem to fit on the sides the same as the front. The rear bumper, on my case, actually stuck out about 1" on both sides. My shopman had to shave and add fiberglass all over in order to make it bend in and still hold it's structural integrity. See below:

Other than these points, the rest of the kit is a sinch. Just a matter of finding points on the body in order to screw or rivet the kit into place.
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