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I was curious. My friend has a 2nd gen. Ford Probe. I have just taken a ride in it and fell in love with the turbo. I had no idea that it was that nice! Which leads me to my question. Could you or could you not fit the turbo onto the LS? I know that the specific probe is a 4-banger but does that a major thing?


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The 2G Probe (GT, SE or base) didn't come from the factory with a turbo so if that 2nd-gen car you rode in had a turbo, it was an aftermarket or homemade kit.

But, yes, a turbo can be added to the LS and 626. In most cases, you'll need to relocate the battery to the trunk to make room for the turbo. TKT (Thomas Knight Turbos) makes kits specifically for the cars, I don't have the URL handy but a search should turn it up.
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