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Okay, I am not overly mechanically inclined, that said, I have read a few posts, and I saw one that I read as essentially saying;
"The larger the exhaust piping, the more available HP(withing reason), but larger pipes reduce low end torque."

Is that correct? My car is a daily driver, and I don't normally run above 4500rpms. I want more out of my car, but not at the cost of the low end.

Any explenation would be appreciated...


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Larger piping will help up too an extent. OPnce you pass a certain level you start to loose too much back pressure and modern engines are designed to work with a little back pressure for proper operation. The general consensus is that 2.5" is about the best for good torque while still gaining some extra top end. Though i do know a few people that have done 3" and don't have any problems. The idea of larger is better applies more to turbos, where any back pressure is bad.
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