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Hi there, My dad owns a Ford telstar 2.0 16v, here in south Africa its actually a mazda 626 for ford badges , the vehicle is a 1996 year , and it has the fs 16v valve engine used in the mx6 2.0i 4 , ok ,now for the problem issue, the cars service intervals is every 10000kms but this car starts to have a slight jerk at around 2to 3,5k rpms and goes very sluugish on power , it only gets resolved once I replace the plugs , I only get about 5000kms out of the plugs on the car , and I use NGK BKR6e11 plugs on it , I had the wires even replaced,Why does these engines chew up plugs so quick or is there something else wrong?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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