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well it says "4WS" at the back of my car and there's a 4WS light on my cluster... but how does 4WS work in the MX6?

I find that if i drive very slow the light don't come on for ages and when it comes on it stays on till i stop pretty much. can anyone tell me what's happening there?

once a while when i take a corner slightly faster i can feel the rear going out but my back had full traction... that's 4WS right? is it that useful?

also at the end just when i'm waiting for the turbo to cool down, i can hear this noise coming from the back wheel, that's 4WS right? what is it doing?

thanks for any replies

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With your car running and sitting in your driveway, turn your steering wheel all the way to one side. Get out and look at the car. Are the rear wheels turned the opposite direction of the fronts? If not, if they are just pointing straight ahead, then your 4WS is not working. Above a certain speed (I think it is something like 25 mph), the rear wheels turn the same direction as the fronts, so when you change lanes or something the car will kinda "crab walk" sideways so there is not much body roll and more stability. At least it should work that way.
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