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This might sound stupid since mine is auto and I am a newbie but here they are

1. Is it possible to fit KL-ZE on auto mx6? and what is needed to be done?

2. IAT mod stands for what and where Can I get it done?

3. If Kl-ZE fits, is it possible to SC, T or NOS with auto tranny?

since my car is auto, i guess people think I shouldn't but my friend is getting me an unbelievable deal to get all these stuff and he says too that Give it a try

This might be done in next 6 months.
I guess I can lay back and enjoy the ride and race to a decent degree wouldn't be a bad thing...I like to put my right arm on window and lay back...

Oh, And which is better NOS system, one with button or one that flows in when you accelarate?
My friend says button ones does more damage to your engine...but enlighten me people

thanks people...:confused:
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