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recenty was checking voltage at cig lighter outlet with engine running on my 1994 MX-6 LS and it went dead...I was pushing one of the voltmeter probes in and so thought I might have dislodged a connector.

The red led for the radio antitheft system(that flashes when you lock the car) was flashing,but when I took out the RADIO fuse to check and then put it back (it was not blown) it stopped flashing,too. The power mirrors stopped working,as well.

So,no radio,no power antenna, no power mirrors and no voltage at the cig lighter outlet.

I took off the center console piece and looked behind the cig lighter socket, no obviously disconnected connectors. or loose wires.

Fuses seem OK.

So, did I kill my radio because of the "3-tries" antitheft system (and then all the rest that's on that circuit(mirrors, etc.)?

Any help?

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