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Hi, got my son a 1 owner, a mint92 G1 2.5 MX6, 180,000km.The car was service every 10,000km from new from a much loved by 2 older people so it has been babied around.

Moven on we notice the car ran alittle rough on idle, we found the intake rubber hose perished and we replaced this and the car ran fine for a few days, however this morning we started it we had what sounded like a tapped tap, then what sounded like a more bearing tap, the car befind to blow smoke(alot) and the car would not idle.

After checking hose while the car was running we could not find anymore leaks, played with the VAF wires etc to see if we had any loose connections and everything seems fine.

We turned the car off after smoking the neibours out and restarted after a few minutes and the car started with no noise, smooth idle and no smoke.

The only other thing we did was addliquid moly engine oil and resealer to soften anny hard rubbers such main seals, valve stems etc.

The car had new plugs, oil and air filter around 400km ago.

Any help gratefully appreciated.
Jason and Nigel
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