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So some people on here (Tyler886) may remember the bad case of the "knocks" that my 91 PGT had. well today i decided to take a lil dig into the motor and see what it was doing.

originally i had believed the knocking to be due to a bad camshaft bearing, the motor had a small oiling issue that i dealt with but it was too late.. the damage had been done. SOOOOO i replaced the warn parts to no avail... the motor still knocked!

I have my engine chillin out on my garage and i would not normally have bothered with it but since i need a car next week while my current mode of transportation goes to the body shop.. i figured.. eh wtf why not

heres what i found

cyl 4... spun bearing. the connecting rod is also scored.. so i dont think the car will be on the road this week... :cry:

and that is why its always good to track down ALL oil leaks
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