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I could tell you if you had a 626. But take a look at in the backseat side panel (on the side the belts aren't working). Take it off. There should be a six pin connector in there. four of the pins controls the seat belt motor, one of 'em is the ground. The red one with a white line is the door open wire. dunno which. check each connection and make sure they are not frayed, damaged, or whatever check around the general area. If they are fine, make sure the auto seat belt box is connected all the way in. You'll find it under the passenger seat. For the GT there are two boxes under there one is the AAS computer the other is the auto seat belts. I think the left one is the seat belts. if the connections there are fine, you'll have to take off the passenger-side kick-panel ( the channeled plastic strip holding the carpet down). Pull up the carpet a bit and you should see a set of BLACK wires, six in the GT and 2 in the DX bolted down to the body. The wires are held together with a white plastic piece,it looks like the wires are plugged into it. Check those wires.

I had the same problem you guys are talking about when i changed my car's body wiring harness. I went from 626 DX to '90 MX6 GT wiring. I wanted the AAS system. My grounds weren't connected so it caused the problem.

Some questions, does the belts click every once in a while, while driving as well? The sound is like the belt motor is stuck or something. Does the belts sometimes stop in the middle of going down or up the track? One symtom is the belt have a long delay before they go down as well (like you mentioned).

It's actually really hard to explain (for me anyway) what exactly i'm talking about, it's just one of those things.

Feel free to ask any questions

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