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Really need some help getting my car running

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Well I feel like I have reached my end point with what I know how to do.

The car is a 94 LS that was an ATX. Its now an MTX with a ZE in it.

The car wont start but I think that might be timing related with the disty.

The bigger issue is that I can not adjust the TPS. The fans never kick on. I have tried replacing the relays with working ones and trying three TPS sensors.

Everything has power except where the plugs attach to the fans.

Maybe comp would be willing to do some eletrical magic?
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are you getting bare TPS' or whole throttle bodies? Also, your fans wiring will not be powered up until it reaches the temp range, unless you pull the coolant temp sensor plug, then the fans should automatically come on.
not getting spark or what?
I havent really looked to see if I am yet, it turns over but just kind of thumps. I figured my TPS issue was more important to fix before trying to figure everything else out.
Just thinking about this, all of the fuse under the fuse box have green build up on the copper areas.

Also I think my crank but no start might be a disty issue, it has sat for 4 years.
Maybe comp would be willing to do some electrical magic?
sure, but i don't really know a whole lot on the 2nd gens :)
TEN and GRD on the diag makes them come on when setting the tps

are you getting bare TPS' or whole throttle bodies? Also, your fans wiring will not be powered up until it reaches the temp range, unless you pull the coolant temp sensor plug, then the fans should automatically come on.
So no power to the fans at all? Run your own power to it. TPS wont stop the car from running...just makes it run bad if its not set right. Checked to see if it has spark yet?
No I havent, just focusing on one issue at a time and figured that the fans dont have power running to them even though the relays and tps does was very odd.
do you have any codes stored in the computer? have u even checked? crank position sensor failuar will stop the car from starting and as a result you wont get any spark from your disy. but it might not be bad eathier check for codes. jump the 10 and gnd pins on your diagnostic box under the hood by the batter using a paper clip and turn the ignition to the on position.. after a few seconds if it doesnt start blinking then your good. if it does start blinking then you need to find out what codes you have by going to this page 1993-1995 Engine Controller Malfunction Codes
AJ, I'd come up this weekend and help you get her fired up if I wasn't so GD busy :(
if i had nathans car done i would help but...... i need to finish
hopefully everything is fine with my car.... i actually just fixed the same problem with the escort where it wouldn't go into gear. changed the master cylinder and thought it was the problem as it was all rusted up and nasty. no good. changed slave and now it works fine. took forever to bleed though, so much air. I hope the problem wasn't as simple as not bleeding enough on the mx6...... but actually I do hope the problem is something simple so it gets fixed. so frustrating.

AJ, you know where to get some fans to test :) I'm 99% sure they're still good
aj line your timing marks up and pull back the timing cover and check to see if you jumped time.did you replace the timing belt on the motor?
No I didnt, I forgot to change the belt and water pump in my haste and was going to do both after it started.

Only thing I can think of again is the car was an atx. but why would that screw up the fans / tps
i dont think it would matter if your that determined just follow the power wire for the fans until you find the problem or just run your own power
did you swap the wire harness that runs through the front fender... i had the same project as you but i put in a DE.... that wireharness gave me spark... the two are different ATX from MTX.... if you arent doing anything tomarrow i will come and help out...
I was told that that part can not be swapped. Hughes told me that.

If I read that correctly you mean the section of the harness that plugs into the main one correct?

If it can be swapped im down like a clown but I need one and yes the harsness that comes in under the driver fender which has the fan plugs on it is not getting anypower but my headlights do have power.
Check egi fuse and the eng fuse
Those would be under the white plastic cover in the fuse box? I did notice all of those fuses have green build up on the copper. Besides that all the fuses look great.
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