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Rear caliper wanted

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Hi, guys. The rotating joint on my rear offside caliper has rusted hard and can't be opened.

Have tried to find one off a breaking car with no joy.

Here is the research I've done so far. Has anyone used any of these or have comments? I'm always sceptical when FordProbeStore offer a higher-priced one, saying it's High Quality, when it's just another remanufactured one.

FYI, Ford are quoting £250, Mazda £260+vat.

notes so far: "EBC gold" £99.36 all in

Heywood Accessories and Spares 01706 365168 £94

fordprobestore £104.99 down to £69.99 after exchange +6.69 post

fordprobestore "brake engineering" £124.99 down to £89.99 after exchange +6.69post
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now then fella i might just be able to help you out there......

ill check tonight to let you know what I've got....

all I need is for it to open fully so I can do pads and clips!!

Oh yeah, and to stop the car! :)
no worries i know there working.....

will try again tonight... i didnt make it home last night....
wow..ok, thanks!

Need to do it asap, under orders from 'er...

Where r u / the calipers / car to be found??

Maybe PM or SMS me?


sorry fella no joy :-(

it was my offside that i replaced.... ive got the other 3 tho..... :shrug:
Hmm...guess they are sided as well!

Oh well, thanks for checking!

So, where did u get your replacement from? i really wanna get an opinion on these two ProbeStore ones...


Hmm...guess they are sided as well!

Oh well, thanks for checking!

So, where did u get your replacement from? i really wanna get an opinion on these two ProbeStore ones...


The ones at the store are very over priced! They are good quality but the price is seriously bumped up on the calipers.

I bought mine from a local motor factor, GMF, and they were £55 each. These are remanufactured, which is what the "store" ones are, hense the surcharge (even ones that claim to be new are exchange!), they have a 12month warranty and are nickle plated (gold colour).

Just one thing mate, if your slider is seized, you will need the back mount carrier assembly as well as the caliper.
Got a rear pair set of reconditioned ones, complete units with carrier and pads, from these guys for $153 plus $94.50 shipping, making $247.50 = £62 per caliper.

Will report when they arrive!
If you guys suggest not to buy these from the store then where can you get hold of the best quality ones from?
Hi laidbackfreak,

You meantioned that you have the other 3 available?

I'm looking for a nearside rear caliper as mine is not making contact with the disc

Have you still got it?

PM me if so


Nige :)
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Ok, swap done...

The 'new' ones (did both caliper assys and discs/pads) had burring inside the bolt threads that made the original bolts start to cross-thread so I had to buy foam cutting oil and a set of strong bolts to thread through to clear them out. Also bought files but didn't need them.

Calipers arrived in caliper boxes inside a biscuit box(!), boxes were well-packed but calipers were loose inside them, so the dust caps (new, lime green clear ones) were crushed against the inside of the box.

Each of the calipers was from a different casting (one had two prominent ridges across the top, the other was as our stock), and one's bolt was done up so tight I gave up trying to open it to grease the backs of the pre-fitted pads.

I raised all this with Remart in Arizona, who have offered me 15% off next order as the calipers are already fitted. Otherwise, they would have offered an exchange. I'll DEFINITELY rush back there to buy my next parts! True note, though - price was good, and the car stops properly :)

Thenjd: As a consequence, I now have available:

Rear nearside full caliper assembly in perfect working order

Rear offside assembly - opens around an inch and sticky - no greasing/servicing attempted

Two rear discs, part-worn, good condition - probably better value to get stock replacements from ProbeStore as I did than postage for these, but if you're on a budget and want discs, I can take pics 4 u.
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Would it cause too much of a problem if i only replaced the one side? Plus do you happen to have the dust/weather shield that fits around the hub for both wheels as both on mine have practically rusted off :-(


Nige :)
You can replace calipers singly... but pads always in pairs..

so if you replace a caliper.. put the old pads back in, or replace both sides.

Mazda also recommended I do discs if doing calipers...

I've only got the 'weather sheilds' that my car needs! sorry! Mine are also in a sorry state. I bet someone in the States has nickel-plated theirs })

Try asking super-Del? He's got all sorts of spares - BTW, Del, I may need a fuel relay!
Hi Nige,

I have a full set of s/h brake calipers purchased from a member here before he was deported to Oz :angel:

£20 each but goodness knows what the postage cost will be because of the weight.

PM me if interested in one.

pm sent :)
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