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Rear Engine mount - 93 2G

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Just took a look at my rear engine mount, there wasn't any rubber left lol.
Ok thats one problem. Next one is getting a new engine mount.

Took a hugggee deep breath and rang up my local Mazda to be quoted $350 just for this rear mount. I remember somewhere someone was saying you can get them cheaper from someplace?
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I've been ringing around for mounts too, try repco, autopro and all those places, they actually turned out to be more than what I could get my mounts for from toyota. You could also ring wreckers I guess but be better off having new stuff.
rr-racing i think peopl get the inserts that they offer, and stick em in the stockers..
If you can go with out your car for a day or so
Just pull out the old one and fill it up with sikaflex polyurethane.
It will be better than a new one..
I have the rr racing insert ones but there is no rubber left the stock mount at all for it to go in, literally.
With that filling stuff you would need at least the mount in somewhat repairable condition wouldn't you?
mm, im not famillier heaps with mounts for Mazda MX6.

Not sure what the top left mount is? Is this a top MTX mount?
Top right, front engine mount..
Bottom left looks like a top ATX mount?
Bottom middle is the top left engine mount
then the other one is the the mount that sits under gearbox..

Can't see a rear engine mount there? Will buy it for sure if it has a rear engine mount..
Pretty unusual for no rubber to be left at all.. but even so you just have to align the center “hole”/ sleeve.
And the one in the picture on the ebay listing the rear is the one on the bottom left.
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