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rear rotor seized on hub!

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i'm replacing my rear rotors and pads (did the front a month ago) and of course the rotor is seized to the hub. i've beat it with a hammer and soaked it in WD40 was just wondering if anyone had any other tricks to get this thing off. also the metal cap that goes over the bearings i think is rusted to the point where it has a hole in it, is it possible to buy those separately and does it have to be from a dealer?
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ok well i got it off i had a bolt the same size as the screw hole in the rotor so that got it off. my new problem is the stupid design of these rear brakes you can't pivot the caliper because the ebrake cable hits the strut so i have to put it on by the mounting bolts and i finally got one side on but the rotor isn't on straight now :mad: if there is something i'm missing here a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
the ebrake does go right passed the strut.
I just took the front two bolts off the caliper and loosened the rear bolt on the caliper to remove my discs. I did not take the caliper off. It can swing up a little out of the way of the disc with the front two bolts off and the rear one loose. If your ebrake is hitting the strut, then take it off at the T shaped silver spring and put it back on right before you put the caliper back in tightly. I hope that helps.
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thanks for the help after taking the ebrake cable off i got it to go. i did have to take the caliper mounts off to remove the rotor(thank god i had an impact gun :p) but once i put that back on with the ebrake cable gone i was able to pivot the caliper and reinstall it.
To get your ebrake to work good again, just push your brake pedal all the way in, hold it and pump the ebrake handle like 7 to 10 times.
Those center caps are replaceable. Cheap dealer item. If they're rusted in use a large screwdriver and hammer to pry em out...I just punched a hole in the middle being careful not to hit the bearings
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