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Rear seat replacement quickie (52kbps gb2/90's)

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I got my hands on an idle HAtchback rear seat with flip-up cushions, so I decided to see how they fit the Wagon....

Unfortunately, the new seat leaves unsightly gaps all around. They weren't identical afterall. Too bad they didn't make flip-ups the regular feature even on GT :(
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i love my folding seat's on my 626gt touring. and wondered if they fit in the mx6. never even thought about the wagon though.
coulda told you that. scott and jesse have done that converstion or should say sabbai and jesiotrot have done that. you need to slightly mod the mounts to get them to sit properly. think it envolved a hammer.
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Not quite Jeff. The rear cushions were mounted using a collection of different mounts. Sedan bottom bracket and hatch upper I beleive. Or vice versa.
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You need to use the backrest brackets from a hatchback too!

The sit lower, and stick out further (or not as far, i cant remember)

Then your seat will fold down flat, not on an angle like your picture.

You can see here how i moved the backrest locking bracket down a little bit, i think i used the bracket from the hatchback too. Had to cut the slot in the side trim a little lower.

And then no unsightly gaps :)

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Thanks for the input and great looking job, I'd K++ but unfortunately I just run out.

I would have some more Hatch parts too, but chances are I might not get to keep them. I could use them as a pattern though, I'm somewhat familiar at making stuff :)
those legs look familiar :D

What all this I, I, I business Jesse? hahaha
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