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rebuilding my vj11?

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i know theres a thread on this but just wanted to know if i need to order like a rebuild kit or? anyone know a place in texas or around i can mail it to have it done properly?
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I can't PM you, but I rebuild them.
could i p u to build me a tbird bybrid? so i cant just bolt it up to my stock exhaust and exhaust mani and go? i dont know if u could locate the tbird housing and compressor or if i need 2?
ZACH if u have time plz call me, ive got work and wont be near a computer for awhile and am really interested in getting this done, names david and numbers 580-xxx-xxxx
Will do David. :)
i have a spare tbird housing and wheel (still together as a whole center section). If you cant find anything else let me know and ill be happy to sell it to you. I could even send it right to zach for you to save on time shipping it to you and then you having to ship it.
That would probably work best :)

I still have to give David a call...I'll be doing that in a few.

Well, I just talked to him and his car broke down :( Hopefully it's nothing serious.
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