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Good Day

Hope you are well.

I'm going to try to structure this post as best I can.
Originally I wasn't even looking for a mx6 for a vehicle but when i stumbled on her I just had to have her.

The person that sold me the vehicle didn't tell me of any issues , I according to them nothing needed to be done and was there daily runner.
I have come to find that this person just wanted to sell and get the vehicle out there hands, well that's how I feel at-least.
Below is my list of troubles and solutions that I have managed to figure out myself

First I found that the headlights , fog lights and rear lights along the one side were not working. I removed some of the boot coverings and found that the wiring was actually unplugged. Once I connected everything worked.

Second after driving the vehicle home I noticed that the handbrake hardly worked, I had to pull it up really really high. On further inspection to my horror I found that the right rear brake pads were missing. On inspecting what I could see and comparing with the other calipers something just didn't look right, and again to my confusion the same caliper was missing the piston. The brake fluid lines were also crimped.

So I booked her in for a service and for someone to check my brakes, only to tell me that they were able to do the service but couldn't do anything to the brakes because they were unable to find parts. So I was handed the vehicle back with just the service sorted. I made contact with a local mechanic that was willing to come to my house and have a look at what was going on. We ended up going to scrap yards hunting for a caliper of which we did find one. We got home and stripped the caliper made sure everything was lubricated and that the piston was in good condition.

On that weekend I took her for a drive thinking that everything should be fine. It wasn't , heading on my way back home I was smelling this strange smell and I couldn't pin point it, I had never smelt that smell before. So i carried on driving. On getting home just standing outside the car I saw a sort of smoke coming from the very caliper / disk / pads that we worked on, there was smoke something was burning , I checked the disk and it was very hot and I looked at the pad and the pad now had gone from black to white. I'm thinking that the caliper didn't release or got seized up again. We did bleed the brake's and was told that the brake fluid had a very good pressure. From here I don't know what to do ?

On getting home. On the left front of the vehicle i noticed hot brown liquid running out, there is a white tube with a black lid to the right of the battery , I lifted that up and the water looked to be getting less and less. I'm not sure if that is were the water is coming from, or is it something radiator related ?

I know for sure that I need to replace the air intake box where the air filter goes as it is not closing properly because the one corner is chipped

To the left of the oil cap there is a black covering that connects to the engine. that black covering isn't connecting flush , it is bulging because by where the one bolt goes the covering is cracked.

wow sorry I didnt intend to make this a long post , I'm just trying to explain nicely
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