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edit: guys i have a new question now. i originally thought that my current muffler was just like a sports exhaust that was a 2" inlet or watever but hadn't really taken a look, but on observation today its either 2.5 or 2 3/4". will going from 3" turbo back to 2.5" muffler make any difference at all.
not that i wanted to make mention, but not too far in the future it wont be the stockie IHI on it.
thats why im asking, i know with the stockie, 2.5 or 3" either way doesnt really make a huge diff.
but ill just say it'll be something like a t28 bb or something :p

also, no longer recommend me a rear muffler now if 2.5" will be sufficient, but more a mid muffler :p

thanks guys!
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