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Recommendations for new front end parts

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well my cv shafts are toast. and im putting the car away for winter any way but i want to put new shit in the whole front end. all new suspension and everything. i need some advice on what to get for parts. some good preformance brands that people have been happy with
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I got my stuff from ebay. The parts aren't that expensive by themselves but the labor will be pricey if you don't do it yourself. I just replaced both LCA's, my whole suspension, and my pass. side axle assembly. It was expensive because I didn't have time to do it myself.

Also, please title your threads properly. "my car is jacked" doesn't remotely get the point of your thread across. I'm going to re-title it this time but in the future I may be deleting threads without proper titles.
my bad i thought about changin it. i thought it would get more peoples attention lol.
Fidanza has the new cv axles for our car.
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