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hi guys!

hope you don't mind, but i thought most of you 2nd gen MX6 owners might really appreciate seeing a 2nd gen Probe GT (hey, its basically your car with a Ford badge!) battling with a slew of other small bore racers at a NASA roadrace; here's the link in the pics/vids forum:

i hope you enjoy! as you can see, our cars can more than hold their own against the other cars! in PTE class, the usual suspects are nissan SE-Rs, acura integras, neons, and old rx-7s. this weekend, it was me, vs four Nissan SE-Rs! i won both days; and that extends my win streak from last year to 9 in a row! :cool:

typically there are more cars in my class, but it was the first race of the season, and it was COLD! in our heat, the small bore heat, there are about 60 cars total; many of which are classed much faster than PTE; you will see a bunch of M3s, and a porsche, and others! enjoy the report, and pics, and vids...

if you have any questions concerning car setup, brakes, suspension, etc, i'd be glad to help; i've been racing for many years, and also teach for porsche, bmw, ferrari, AMG, and others. i'm always glad to help out my fellow MX6/Probe brothers, though!!!


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