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Hi guys, as some of you know i'm attempting to do a 2G conversion. That fell through today as things got delayed due to weather etc etc.
Few things..
Removing starter motor. I've managed to get 2 of the 3 bolts undone but need some advice or any tips at all in removing the bolt under the solenoid. I cannot for the life of me get a socket on it let alone fathom how you would get a spanner in there.
Another one was the 2 rear bolts on the atx tranny. I've tryed underneath but cannot as i'm restricted due to exhaust and intermediate shaft. I was hoping removing the starter motor can assist this? Suggestions?

Also if anyone can suggest a good place in Sydney where i need not wait 2 weeks for delivery of the rear and engine mounts new? I have some decent 2nd hand ones i think but new would make me feel at ease. :)

Thanks muchly!
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