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HELP! I have the stock AM/FM Cassette player in my car...the 'anti-theft' version and want to take it out and replace it with an aftermarket AM/FM CD player...

Does anyone know how to get the darned thing OUT??????


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mazda uses a certain kind of removing prongs [i dont know what they are called :)] to remove the stock hu. first you gotta remove those little rubber pieces, one on each corner of the hu, and i guess peeps were using coat hangers bent in a U shape to get into the holes. once you put both in, at the same time all the way you can push, pull on the U's :) ur hu should come out. i hope :) if you have too much trouble, go to a car audio shop and ask them if you can use their tools JUST to get your radio out. some like to charge money, but im sure u can find one that will be nice enough to let you use them for free.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts