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Hello to ALL:
It has been a long time since I posted on this forum. I still have my 1988 MX6 black GT, purchased it back in 1992. It has about 240,000 miles. It still runs but I've had it parked most of the time since 2008; started it up and drove it around a few times. My son is interested in renovating it.

What are some things you all would advice on doing? For example, I know I have to change the oil, spark plugs, water, brake fluid, air filter, etc. All that was done about 3 years ago, so we will need to redo. I already have the 2 front rotors and brake pads and the fuel filter to replace. Was considering, refurbishing the front calipers and changing out the rubber brake line to the calipers. I noticed that the turbo is not engaging. It was working prior to me parking it back in 2008. What to look for there? Waste gate? oil lines? Seizing?

Also, the rack and pinion is leaking. It will leak all the power steering fluid. Would it be easier to refurbish it, buy a remanufactured one, or new one? Is it an easy fix, easy to remove?
Used to be able to go to the junkyard and find parts, but these cars can no longer be found at any junkyard. What are some good online parts suppliers websites?
I have used PartsGeek, Pelican, RockAuto, and Amazon for other cars. Any other suggestions?

Also, replacing the time belt and the water pump. The times I have tried starting it up, I have replaced the fuel pump 3 times already. It has lifetime warranty so I just take it in and get a new one.
I syphoned out all the old gas, smelled like lacquer. Always fueled up with 93 octane when I was driving it.

Any helpful information you all can provide me would be greatly appreciated.
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