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due to some misfortune (twice), i've got some damage on my 89 turbo, talking to the mechanic and he reckons it's gonna cost quite a bit just to get a few parts replaces. i'm just looking for general advices. here's a list of damage:

left/right mirror housing + left mirror (vandelism)
>mechanic said because it's electric i have to replace the WHOLE thing, which costs a bit even 2nd hand... and aparently the 626 housing won't fit

right headlight housing + indicator (brakes didn't work)
>no biggy there

right fender + internal structure being pushed in (still the brakes)
>not too happy about that, 'cos it's gonna be a crap load of $$$ for the panel beaters...

reusing the bumper

i probably won't get them fixed yet, 'cos low on $$$...

just 1 note, how r the brakes in your cars? 'cos mine's shocking! and the mech said the pads r fine. i know my tyres r not all that crash-hot, but i have to step on it pretty hard to come to a stop if i don't downshift... damn...

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Right fender...

What internal parts are messed up on your right fender.. I got myself a power steering resivor for $3.80 at my local self-serve junkyard.. That was the only thing smashed from a Jeep Grand Cherokee on my car that was on the inside.. Outside is another story.
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