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Okay, so beginning of January I'm ordering this front lip (picture below). I know many people have asked tons of questions about fitment and other things and I'm shocked no one else has attempted to install the lip.

Anyway, I'm hoping that other google master members can help me find places that sell the lip. In other words, I'm shopping around for the best price and most decent price on shipping to Canada. If you can find a place that sells the lip please post it up and I'll inquire about shipping. Hopefully, I'll find a decent price with shipping by January.

Lip Alias' (94-01):
Acura Integra JDM Type-R Lip
Acura Integra JDM Conversion Ace Lip
Acura Integra JDM ED Type AZT Lip
Acura Integra Azect Front
Acura Integra JDM ITR

Prices I've found so far. (Haven't inquired about shipping)
$175US -
$200US -
$195US -
$159US -
$185US -
$199US - [$150US to ship inside US]

I'm sick of searching so I'm bugging the rest of the community.

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