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Ok I have have a leaking rear caliper I have a Ge1 series.
(btw I searched, no info on my question)
What do you thinks better? Getting 2nd hand ge2 calipers, which arnt prone to leakage? or getting the ge1 calipers reconditioned and resleeved? See explanation below thx.

I've talked to the brake specialist, and they said when they reconditon the caliper they are going to put an aluminium sleeve around the inside of the caliper and put in new seals. He said that putting in an aluminium sleeve would probably stop the caliper from leaking again anytime soon, as by now the surface of the caliper is old, starting to rust and no longer smooth.

Only asking as last time I had the calipers reconditioned( not resleeved) and they started leaking again after 18 months. thx

BTW does anyone know the reason why the ge1 ie (93-94) calipers are prone to leakage and the later ones not? ie what was the actual design fault with the earlier calipers?
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