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does anybody have any instructions on how these fit?

i bought a set from ebay but no instructions where given.

i dont want to seem to stupid but if anybody has fitted them some advice would be great!!!!!!!

i believe they are the same as heckler has fitted if that helps!

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OK.. a quick fitment guide.

Remove cowling around steering column, 4 screws underneath, be careful of the bulb that clips into the cowling by the ignition.

Remove dash. 3 screws above the gauge cluster, then pull out dash gently from the right side. Disconnect switches as you go. Remove screw for centre vent cable, and disconnect cable (use some needle nose pliers as it's awkward) Don't worry about the switches as each one has it's own colour and shaped connector... They think of everything, you can't connect them wrong.

Remove clip from the back of the gearsurround and then pull it upwards from the back. You can remove the gear nob by unscrewing it and the surround slides off.

The dash should now come right out.

Undo the four screws holding the gauges in and reach around to disconnect the cable. There are three cable blocks.

Take the cluster and unclip the front plastic lens and the black surround.

Starting with any of the dials, take out the 2 retaining screws and slide the dial over the needle and down over the centre, locate it correctly and put the retaining screws back in place. Do this for each dial very carefully.

Once installed, find a way to route the wiring and then wire it into the lights.

Reassemble in the reverse order.

Thinks to note:

The dials can be a very tight fit, or not line up perfectly... Don't try and force them as you can break the needle and then you need a new gauge. The dial might need a little trimming, but be careful as you don't want them to look tacky as mine kinda do in daylight now. (I'm gonna bin mine at some point and replace)

Whilst the dash is out, it's a good time to do another mod if you want... replacing those dash bulbs with some brighter LED ones. The dash uses standard 501 wedge type bulbs with a green gel cap... and I think they look crap. Match up some blue LED bulbs from you need 4 of them and I recommed the 6 LED ultra bright ones at around £3.50 each.

Be warned, these bulbs only work if fitted the correct way... so don't replace that dash until you've tested it.

OH, and if you get that far and wonder why the dash doesn't light up even though all the gauges are plugged back in... It's because those switches for the dash need to be plugged in too. They simply unclip... best to do this and test it before you replace the dash, or you end up like me with the temp gauge not lighting up and being annoyed that at some point the dash has to come out again just to turn a bulb round.
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