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right front wheel grinds need help

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i can feel the right front wheel grinds when the car curves/turns to the left but when it curves to the right there is no grinding.
it feels and sounds like metal to metal grinding.

could this be brake pads or wheel bearing?
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Either of the above but my bet would be CV Joint if the noise only makes itself heard whilst turning.
I'd also check to see if the rotor backing plate is rubbing on the rotor or wheel. Mine did the exact same thing last week. all i had to do was bend it away from the rotor (really eassy by hand, no tools or jack necesary lol). All better now!
Wheel bearings typically make a louder noise when the bad bearing is on the outside wheel on a turn, so I suspect the wheel bearing. Jack up that wheel, and see if you can feel any looseness, or roughness when you rotate it.
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check the control arm hitting the inside plate of the rotor, mine grinded a big gouge into the rotor when i replaced the control arms with bushings a few weeks ago, i just took a dremel and grinded it down a little til it stopped. unfortunatly it already tore the rotor apart and i just got two new ones and still need to put them on. mine did the same thing with the wheel only going to the left, but not the right, and it only grinded going forwards, not reverse, check to see it that is true for you also.
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