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Rim Info Thread

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I'm looking to by some 17's for my MX-6. I have some aftermarket 15's on now (were on when I got the car), but that just doesn't cut. I tried to do s search, but I came up with some many different numbers that I kinda got confusing. So I thought I would try to start a thread with organized information about what rims sizes fit spicificly on the MX-6. I dont know how broad the sizes are because I'm not too familiar with wheels. So if anyone could post some info about rims for me it would be great. I dont want to have to do any modifications to the car to get rims to fit. I just want to get a set of 17's or 18's and just be able to bolt them right on if possible. When it comes to rims, I dont know a thing, so any information would be helpful.
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Well, you can gt pretty much any wheel for our cars. I think 19's are a bit of a stretch though. I never see anything wider than 7.5 at the most. I think more or less 225 and under and you'll be fine. I have 17's with 215/45's, and there's plenty of room. If that's what you're looking for, it shouldn't be too hard to find nice wheels, it's a very common size. As long as they have the 5 lug pattern you're good
992mmx3-t said:
Wait a second...MX-6's have a 5 lug pattern?? Hmmm, you learn something new everyday.:) Pretty cool.
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I believe those wheels would fit as long as you get the 5 x 100 pattern. Somebody with a little more knowledge may want to concur, but that sounds right.
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