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Ok so i want your guys opinion. im Buying these 17inch Drag rims.

Wheel Details - Discount Tire Direct

Tell me what you guys think and what you think would look better if anything. I drive i red 93 mx6 ls.

Also what size of tires do you think would fit best without being to big or to small.

Thanks :)
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They look decent and probably don't weigh too much. 17s always look better than our stock 15s. If your car is lowered, then I would get tires any wider than 215mm especially if your ride is lowered.
My car isnt lowered yet. i was going to buy rims and then buy all new struts, and springs at the same time.

I thought 17s would be best. I agree, It beats the stocks. But also 18s would be way to big for the car.
Come on guys i need more feedback then that
Actually now that i think about it... will i need wheel spacers if i were to buy these?
they are a bit plain for my taste but they should look good, something like rims are such a personal preference in the end you have to just ignore other peoples opinions and go with what you like (unless EVERYONE hates them, then maybe your taste just sucks lol)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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