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I couldn't find a post hear concerning this problem so here we go. I have a 93 Auto that would sometime make a stripping noise when trying to start. Had the starter checked with no luck. Turned out to be the Felxy plate teeth had worn. This apparently is fairly common according to the Mazda service agents here. Its a nasty exspensive problem costing me NZ$1450 or about $US700 as they had to drop out the trans etc to get it. As soon as ya do that ya may as well change the fluid and filter on the Trans. Had checked the starter a year before and they changed a few brushes etc back then. Unfortunately as I left it a year the flexy chewed a few teeth on the starter as well so they had to re-fix that.

Anyway it you 2nd Gen makes a striiping noise and won't turn over now and again, thats what it can be.
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