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Rip Jspec???

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I'm sorry to say the 6 appears to have left the building. It hadn't been running right for a few days then the idle wouldn't hold below 1500-2000rpm. I had a compression check done and theres no compression in any of the front cyls, there is also oil in most of the spark plug wells which i assume means the rocker cover gaskets left me aswell. I've bought a '87 crx to get me to work till i figure out what to do. May be interested in any offers for spares/repair as i'm kinda pissed off.
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Yep join the club.
Hi westly

Sorry to hear about the car m8, but i might be intrested in some parts off her if she is getting scrapped ?, let me know m8

Its a bit harsh to scrap it - Fixing it from your descrption sould only be 600-800 notes !

Its probably worth 2500+ an i doubt youll get more than 1K of the parts even if you did manage to sell them all.

Sorry to hear its not looking good - but come on keep the faith - get it rebuilt

Good Luck

If u do decide to get rid of it for spares mate, I may be interested in a few bits too, though it would seem a shame to get rid of it when it could be brought back to life..

Believe me bringing a 6 back to life is hard work but well worth it just for the smile it puts on your face the first time you floor it.

To rebuild an engine is a little bit expensive but you can get both j-spec and e-spec engines from 600 quid!!! If you cant get a J-Spec engine you can always use the j-spec heads, cams and inlet on an e-spec bottom end. It will reduce power marginally but you shouldnt notice any loss in torque.

Im going to start pulling the engine out of my 6 in 2 weeks and then using my spare block which means I will be running a proper ze engine in her. Still not sure weather or not to keep her though. Guess that sort of depends on how well she goes like.

As for my Rover (run around) well i have it less than a week and already the boost is up and fair play for a big car it goes like stink. Shame it still doesnt compare to the 6 in power and handling although I cant complain about comfort. Done an awful lot of work miles recently. Anyway as well as all that some twat went up the back end of it. He admitted he was looking at a car in the layby which I was turning into (it was a cav that was for sale). Didnt see me till the last min. Dont think he is insured either as he is messing about. Grrrrrrrr. Ive offered to let him pay for what little he damaged but havent heard nothing back. Going to his house tonight in manchester to find out whats going on.

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Hehe - Sorry Kyle i should laugh - Its not good news and you have my sympathy - your not having much luck latley !

Maybe you should get a dodgem - electric motor, bumper bar and almost indestrucatable ;)

Good luck tonight - Dont take any stick

Going down with one or two mates if you know what i mean. I will come back with something!!!

Just when I though things couldnt get any worse!!!Ive just had a phone call from the police forwarded by my mate who are ringing regarding a dumped car outside my house which is taxed motd and insured???? Yes thats right T&T. But its dirty and hasnt moved for 5 days!!! Typical neighbours complaining again. Add to that I had to send my speeding ticket off the other day and this bloke hitting me with his stupid bmw. Im beggining to wonder whats the point!!!!

Im having thoughts of my next project though... Hmmm Metro GTI + 2.0l Rover Vitesse Turbo. Hmmmm that would be interesting!!!

I hope that your fella doesn't live in Moss Side - A HumVee might be more appropriate.

As for your ather car, how about this.....

It woudl drop your insurance premium at least.


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Atleast its modded i suppose. I just like having a bit of fun. My mate did the same conversion to his Rover 220 Coupe and im in 2 minds of what to do. I dont mind the 420GSI. It would be really easy as we have done it before but i quite fancy the challenge of the metro and with it weighing nothing should be dam quick. Even if it did rip it to bits. Might even be quick enough to play with the Turbo'd Novas that are knocking about.

Kyle... how's about a Sinclair C5, with the electric motor from a diesel/electric train? })

Power to weight would be good.. :D

Metro GTI + 2.0l Rover Vitesse Turbo
noooooooo! - my own experience with any metro has been awful. They just seem to be a tin heap that falls apart very quickly,..

As for the C5 idea.. well, that's just nonsensical.. Something like this would be far more practical mate
:D :D

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ive got a few prices for engines and looks like i could be paying 500-600 for a tested j-spec from a scrappy, only problem being putting it in as this is gonna cost the same again unless i do it myself but i wouldnt know where to start. at least the crx is giving me some smiles it handles like a go-kart and screams up to 7000rpm past anything in its way. and ahhhhhh...... manual. so i think ill survive for now ;)
An engine swap on the 6 isnt as bad as it looks.
In fact its relitivly easy. Once the cooling system is out the way along with the air box its not that bad (unless its an auto in which case its still dam tight. Drive shafts are easy as they can stay in the car. Just jack it up remove the top two bolts from the shocker and pull the hub forward and pry the inner cv from the box. this gives enough clearence. Also the rear engine mount is easier to access from the drivers side wheel arch with loads of extensions. You might also want to remove the two cross members from underneath for extra room. Could be done in a day if you are really commited. One last thing. It comes out the top. Even the auto although its almost a perfect fit so be carefull.

One last thing. Most ppl worry about the wiring. Dont!!! You can only fit it in one way.


Remember ive done mine before and im doing it again :(
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