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The annual Rockville Classic Car show is scheduled for Sat. 10/18 at the Rockville Civic Center on Baltimore Road at Edmonston Drive, 20851.
This is for cars at least 20 years old, no real mods allowed,(basically stock) and MANY showroom condition muscle cars, regular cars, antiques there. Even old motorcycles and European stuff there too. It has always been free so I expect it to be again this year. There are food vendors, old parts guys, memorabilia booths, etc. They sometimes have competitions between the old cars where you have a foot race to the car, start it, and drive a short course or something like that.
I think the day starts at around 8:00 or so, and exhibitors drive their cars to the show and arrive all morning.
If you appreciate old cars in great shape, check it out.
You can probably find out more online. Do a google search for Rockville Car show.;)
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