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Hi all, excellent stuff...
So my 93 MX6 V6 is running alittle rough in the low rpms and general seems to lack some spunk. It codes out as 02 sensor and Intake Air Temperature Sensor(IAT).

The IAT is part of the Mass Airflow Sensor/Box unit and must be replaced as a unit. I've been quoted $700 for this part. Can I do better? Does this cause the roughness or the $75 O2 sensor? How can I be sure which of the two is causing the main problem?

It probably won't hurt to replace the wires too. Why is this shit so expensive jeeesh...

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I will bet that the code 10 (IAT) is a false code. I've seen many times where the IAT and or even VAF (code 8) show up as error codes when an O2 sensor code is present.

Replace the offending O2 sensor(s) first. Then disconnect the battery to erase the codes and see if any come back. I'm thinking the IAT code won't return.

Definitely check into the wires. Pull them off the plugs and look into the plug wells for a build-up of oil from leaking valve cover gaskets too. Check both banks (even if the rear one is tough to see). If you see oil in the wells, the gaskets will need doing at some point. The front one is a snap...doing the rear one means the intake manifold must come off.

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Thanks, that sounds reasonable. I was leaning towards replacing everything but the MAF to see how it went. Looks like it's a plan. Now I just have to scrape some cash together!

Nice web page, keep it up!

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