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I posted about looking at a 93 2.0 ATX fixer upper to replace my P5 when it finally sells.

I finally got to look at the car today. It's definitely worth the asking price I think. It needs a little bit of bodywork, a paintjob, and a drivers seat.

It has 165K and the engine didn't tick or knock at all when cold started.

However, once warmed up, it started acting funny. The CEL would come on most of the time. When it came on, the car definitely ran bad. Sometimes it would try to stall. Also, the cooling fan came on a lot, even though the car wasn't up to operating temp yet.

I tried checking codes. However, most of the time I had the TEN pin grounded, I couldn't get the CEL to blink. I did manage to get a code 12 (TPS) out of the computer.

I don't know enough about TPS problems to know if it would cause running problems. Would it cause a no-idle situation when warm?

I never did drive the car, just revved it in neutral.
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