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OK, I havn't had my 6 very long, but it has been running ok, untill yesterday when i had an oil change and air filter change (stock air filter),

when i am driving, lets say about 40 MPH for example, when i push the clutch in to coast or to brake, my RPM drop way down to like 150-200 rpm (the very bottom notch) and sometimes it just dies. I know that i probably need a tune-up which im awaiting some plug wires, i really dont think that that is why its acting this way though. My car idles 650-700 like it should, its just when i push in the clutch it seems like the car loses air or fuel intake, and just instantly dogs down or dies,... any insight into this matter would be appreciated

O and one last thing, when the guy at the oil change place changed my air filter he forgot to plug the MAF harness back in, and i wasnt aware of it, so i tried taking off a couple of times and the car immediatly died, so i popped the hood and realized what the idiot did,

Did i somehow damage the intake by trying to drive the car w/o it plugged in (i didnt even drive it because it died immediatly, and i tried only twice before popping the hood)!!

thanks guys!!!

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